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How easy is it for an external party to join your conference calls?

So, as business become more and more digital, it is also important to keep in mind the usability of the system. If it is a state of the art system that could do everything you ever wanted. However if it is difficult to use, then the features will become irrelevant, not used and a waste of company money! Making things…

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Exeltel’s YouTube Channel

With more and more businesses moving to video clips, for easy viewing and understanding we have started to place regular videos on a single easy to use channel on YouTube. YouTube Channel We hope the videos help you see what we are about, our products and obviously offer you some help and pointers. Feel free to get in touch with…

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Welcome To Exeltel Collaborate

We all know that meetings can be seen as a waste of time, boring and costly when it comes to staff time. As well as this, traveling to sites for meetings can incur high costs which our collaboration software can get rid of. With Exeltel's Horizon Collaborate software, it is easy to set up conference calls, move between desktop and…

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6 Way Businesses Can Save Money

In the 'modern' world companies are now switching on to becoming a digital business whether they are micro, small, medium or enterprise. More and more companies need the extra security of a cloud communication system. But now, cloud phone systems can also save a business money. Doing away with high, upfront costs of buying an onsite PBX, and monthly maintenance…

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Are you winter ready?

In the UK winter can cost the economy billions in pounds. It's vital that with ever changing weather that your company can survive these changes. With our cloud based voice products, staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection still ensuring that your business is running as it should. We have put a video together to help you consider…

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Meetings A Waste Of Time?

Do you find that meetings are a waste of time? We have heard from across the industry that it feels as though meetings take up time, reduce productivity and are seen by staff and customers as a negative thing to do. We have put a video together, its only 2 minutes and it gives an indication of what can be…

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Exeltel’s New Website

Today, we launched our new website with a new feel and simplicity for everyone when they visit our site. We wanted to keep true to our brand and products which is easy & straight forward to work with. In development for the last 3 months, it has been an incredible process with more tweaks and changes to come in the…

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